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What Our Clients Say

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"Linda was so helpful through the college admission process with both my boys – and she taught me so much about the process too! Linda understood my son’s strengths and goals and combined with her knowledge of the college landscape, she suggested the perfect school for my son and he’s now enrolled there. She also identified several scholarship opportunities which helped reduce the cost of college. Linda was integral to making Scott’s senior year go smoothly."

- Parent of students at Loyola University Chicago and Claremont McKenna College

- Mia, Student at Pacific Lutheran University

Working with Linda really did help me so much when it came to navigating this process. Before meeting with her, I literally had no idea where I wanted to go to school. For me, I was nervous about the whole college process because I really had no idea what I wanted to do for a career, or what major I wanted to go into. Working with Linda (we started sometime in my junior year) helped me develop a complete, narrowed down list of schools that I would apply to (seven total for me).
She would also help me when it came to actually applying to the schools. The help was a lot more than just editing and a second look at my writing, as Linda helped me brainstorm what to write about for all of my essays, and she helped me know which supplementals/scholarships/programs were worth applying for and which ones I could wait on.
Having Linda’s support and guidance really helped me feel less stressed as I navigated the rest of senior year. The thing I liked best about working with Linda was she wasn’t too forceful or overinvolved. She didn’t tell me what or how to do something, and at no point did our work together feel regimented. But she did a lot in guiding me, helping me figure out a plan of where to put my time and energy, in order to complete all these college things in a timely fashion.

- Wendy, Parent

Linda truly found the best college fit for each of my sons. That was a matter of process, not just outcome. While she offered them leads, information and guidance, she expected them to clarify their objectives and do the work to meet them. She also taught them how to make good choices and pursue them.

-Scott, Student at Claremont McKenna College

Mrs. Chin helped guide me through every step of the process. From forming a list of schools, to essays, to scholarships, she was always there to answer any questions I had. The application process can be very stressful but Mrs. Chin was able to break it down step by step and provide sound advice every step of the way. Thanks to her help I am now happily attending a great school.

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