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One of the most important decisions a student and their family can make is the selection of their future college or university.

With over 18 years of experience, Linda seeks to partner with and empower students and their families to help plan for college. She helps guide them confidently through the selection and application process to find the right fit for each student.

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Let us help alleviate the stress and demystify the college selection and admissions process.

Magnifying Glass

Find The Right Fit

Using a student focused approach by getting to know the student, their academic and career goals, Linda uses her extensive knowledge of colleges and universities across the country to give a list of recommendations.


Build A Holistic Application

Showcase the student with a thorough evaluation of the transcript, activities, and standardized test scores in order to submit a competitive and authentic application.

Colorful Books

And More...

Personalized statements and supplemental essay work, navigation of the application process, coaching for interviews and college visits...

Get in Touch


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